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Ralph C. Loeb is licensed to practice law before all California State courts, the United States District Courts for the Central and Northern Districts of California, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court.  He has litigated jury and non-jury trials (in both State and Federal Courts), arbitrations, and Trademark Trial and Appeal Board proceedings in the United States.  He has practiced in both State and Federal Appellate Courts and the United States Supreme Court.

Mr. Loeb’s practice focuses on intellectual property law, entertainment law and business litigation.  His practice includes representation of individuals and companies in the entertainment, fashion and auto racing industries.  Mr. Loeb also represents Life Alert Emergency Response, Inc., a leading national personal emergency response company, and has successfully protected its intellectual property, including the famous slogan, “Help, I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!”


  • Represented Bette Midler in the landmark case against Ford Motor Company and its advertising agency, regarding their use of a “sound alike” in a commercial to imitate Ms. Midler’s voice.*
  • Represented Daryl Hall in litigation involving violation of his right of publicity and infringement of copyrights to episodes of his series Live From Daryl’s House.
  • Represented the owner of motion picture, television and other rights to the iconic fictional German Shepard dog Rin Tin Tin in litigation concerning those rights.
  • Represented Whoopi Goldberg and her corporation in litigation arising from a movie titled “T. Rex”.*
  • Represented graphic design company in copyright infringement case concerning the logo it created for Cher’s album Closer to the Truth.
  • Represented professional wrestler and actor Dallas Page in trademark infringement cases against Jay-Z and the band 30H!3.
  • Represented baseball Hall of Fame inductee Frank Thomas in right of publicity case against Reebok.
  • Represented the talent and creators of an infomercial in litigation against Guthy-Renker Corporation, involving royalty disputes and violations of the right of publicity.
  • Represented an author in a copyright infringement case brought by Jay Leno, NBC Studios and others regarding joke books.
  • Represented a tour manager and production manager against a prominent recording artist in litigation involving breaches of their agreements for a European concert tour.
  • Representation of fashion designers in litigation involving infringement of copyrights in fabric designs.
  • Represented prominent producer and talent manager in class action litigation brought by the purchasers of Milli Vanilli recordings and concert tickets.*
  • Represented racing team in connection with litigation involving the breach of a sponsorship agreement for the 24 Hours of Le Mans race.
  • Represented Indianapolis 500 winning race car driver in litigation against his racing team for the breach of his driver’s agreement.*
  • Co-trial counsel in obtaining a jury verdict in excess of $6.2 million for fraud and violation of the franchise investment law against a prominent national real estate brokerage firm and a defense verdict as to a Cross-Complaint.
  • Co-trial counsel in obtaining a judgment after trial in excess of $4 million in a contractual dispute regarding royalties related to patents for cardiovascular inventions.
  • Co-trial counsel in a $750,000 jury verdict in favor of a promotional products company in a legal malpractice action.
  • Pre-trial, trial and post-trial law and motion in case resulting in a jury verdict in excess of $65 million involving a dispute concerning a partnership agreement for the acquisition, management and financing of a real estate business.
  • Represented Dr. Scott Connelly, the founder of the sports nutrition movement.   The Court of Appeal reversed in full the trial court's dismissal of claims brought by Dr. Connelly against attorneys arising from their misconduct in connection with the formation and funding of a new business venture, which was supposed to commercialize certain nutritional products developed by Dr. Connelly.

Reported Appellate Opinions

  • Midler v. Ford Motor Company, 849 F.2d 460 (9th Cir. 1988).  Court of Appeals reversed summary judgment against Bette Midler, holding that “when a distinctive voice of a professional singer is widely known and is deliberately imitated in order to sell a product, the sellers have appropriated what is not theirs and have committed a tort in California.”
  • Gallin v. Jeffrey, (1991) 230 Cal.App.3d 541. Court of Appeal reversed the trial court’s order denying a motion to change venue made by talent manager in a class action case brought by purchasers of Milli Vanilli recordings and concert tickets based on provisions of the Consumer Legal Remedies Act.
  • Whoop, Inc. v. Dyno Productions, Inc., (1998) 72 Cal.Rptr.2d 90.  Court of Appeal affirmed the trial court’s confirmation of an $800,000 arbitration award in favor of Whoopi Goldberg’s corporation against a producer of the movie titled “T. Rex.”
  • Gary Belz v. Clarendon America Insurance Company, (2007) 158 Cal.App.4th 615. Court of Appeal reversed a summary judgment in favor of an insurance company in a bad faith insurance case.
  • Jogani v. Superior Court, (2008) 165 Cal.App.4th 901. Petition for writ of mandate granted; Court of Appeal held that trial court committed error by denying plaintiff his right to a jury trial on his claim for quantum meruit.
*    Mr. Loeb was involved with these cases prior to being employed by Krane & Smith